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At the bottom of this page, you'll see the fanfics for you to read.

Please do keep fanfics in mind! There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing other people write and draw my characters. I love these characters very much, and sometimes I wish I could have a few
surprises for myself, and see what other people would want to happen to Keiko and the gang.

So if you're a writer, please consider writing a fanfic for TUA. It doesn't have to be perfectly doesn't even have to take place within the storyline! I love filler episodes! For instance, a beach episode, a skiing episode...or maybe you have an idea on how Otaru would react to Keiko being a girl...or maybe you have a poem? Or perhaps just a short character analogy, or you would like to re-write one of the scenes already written from a particular character's point of view...I'd love to receive anything from anyone out there! There are no limits!

Perhaps you would like to write a "what-if" story. ^^ Or a romantic scene. (I love those!) Just go for it! I guarantee, no matter what, I'll love it! (But torturing my characters is just vulgar.) Just e-mail me with
your stuff! I'll guarantee a posting!

Now, on with the show!

Fun in the Sun: Kei-kun's Misadventures: by Tiffany
Just in time for summer! The TUA cast goes to the beach!

Untitled: by Starry625
Wai! Another fanfic! Otaru gives Keiko an opportunity to really surprise Jiro!

Otaru's First Encounter With The Female Keiko!: by Relena_the_kawaii
The latest fanfic! Another tennis game comes up, and Keiko finds herself playing two different people!

Dreams Come True: by Relena_the_kawaii
This is the coolest! A song for the Unicorn Academy! Ah~! It's so nifty! Please send more!!

Round Robin #1 -
Grizzlies and Dances and Love, Oh Mai!
: by various authors
1 2 3 4 5 6
Our first round robin story has been completed! There's a snippit missing in the middle, but for the most part, it's there! It's really fun!

Alternate Scene to The Campout: by techno danish
Techno danish is a huge KK fan, and she did this...totally ROMANTIC ficcy-poo! I love it to pieces, of course. I've read it over and over...TD-san! Do more! More!

Adding Up : by Rb
a dramatic Kakeru monologue, as he reflects on his changing emotions, and his outlook on life. probably my favorite TUA fanfic yet. a must-read for Kakeru fans.

Adventures of the Amuro Duo!
Part One: The Cookie Plan

by Rb
Rb-san has always been one of my favorite authors. And this fic is no exception! This is a tiny glimpse into the early childhood of Anji and Keiko, as they face their greatest challege yet - the out-of-reach cookie jar...=O
Shock! Thrill! Suspense!

TUA Omake! - The Great Unveiling
by Rb
You guys know what omake is, right? It's Japanese for "extra". Anyway, this is not to be taken seriously--it's kinda like those extra snippits at the end of Blue Seed or the Fushigi Yuugi OVA series...I love these! Feel free to send your own!
Special Bonus: I illustrated this omake for Rachel, so check it out! ~*

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Birdsong! The Start of a Normal Saturday…
by techno danish
A typical day for Nimai Rina, the Phoenix School class president! TD-san thinks it's pointless, but it's so precious! We need more stories based on the supporting characters!

Two and Two
by miniut
A special omake by minuit-san! ^^ During a typical school day, Otaru's pondering the relationship between "Sempai" and "the Amuro girl"...and gets a little too close for Keiko's comfort. ^^; Very, very cute!

Sins of the Past
by A-chan Yuy

A suspense-thriller written by A-chan Yuy! This is a captivating read all ready! A Gundam Wing/TUA Crossover.

by techno danish
A short KK fic. Very sweet!

Kakeru's Confession
Part One Part Two
by Viridiana
The first part of a new fic! Is it KK? I can't really tell yet--

Games of the Heart :
by various authors
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

the second round robin story. this one takes place in medieval times! quite complicated, I tell you what. O.o; But it's even better than the first! There are some downright HILARIOUS scenes...and I dunno about you, but I'd pay MONEY to see Jiro speak in ye olde English...

"The RR That Everybody Forgot"... or, better yet, "The Shortest RR of RR History Which, Ironically, Took the Longest to Complete and Was Left in the Hands of A Crazy TUA Fanatic"
by various authors, but noteably techno danish

by Kevin Keys, Jr.
A poem for all those OK fans!

Suicidal Heart
by Kevin Keys, Jr.
A poem from Rina's point of view, intended for Anji/Rina fans. Enjoy!

Untitled KK Fic
by techno danish
Written on the round robin, TD is SUCH an awesome writer! What're you OK'ers waiting for?! The KK'ers are leaving you in the dust!

Fangirl's Ramblings: Major Matrimony!
by Ikuno and Lanny
Some pretty...erm...bizarre ramblings between two die-hard Otaru fans...well, I'll just let you see for yourself...;;

by Auri-chan (but don't tell!)
Story based directly after chapter 17. (Author's note: It's romantic or something. =P)

Seeing that some of the fansites are down, I have decided that I will host lemon, or "ecchi" fanfiction. Please keep in mind that by clicking the link below, you are acknowledging that you are of an age that you will not be offended by sexually explicit material.

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