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Here you can look at the profiles of the characters that have been introduced in the episodes shown. These do *not* contain spoilers, since
it's a while until the series is at an end. I will update the profiles frequently as new information is revealed.

As for now, you can check out information on any of the following characters.

(And guess what! These profiles include pictures not found anywhere else on the page! Lucky da ne!)

Amuro Keiko (Fujishige Kei)

The Unicorn Academy

Amuro Anji

Kanzaki Jiro

Chinen Otaru

Headmaster Obari

Shiranui Kakeru

Hiiragi Gohei

Tyler Manson

The Phoenix School

Nimai Rina

Mitsui Staci

Oda Aika

Ikegami Naoki

Toseki Mai

Headmistress Nakaijima


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