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The Unicorn Academy Soundtrack!

Including Image Songs for Every Character,
Opening and Closing Themes, and favorite background tracks!

Where Do I Find These Songs? And Is It Affordable? You Bet!
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To Download Any of the Tracks, and Tracks From the Upcoming Soundtrack,
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And enjoy! ^^v

Soundtrack Cover

 pg. 1-Opening and Hard Work Day
 pg. 2-Humming

  pg. 3-Song Heard in the Darkness

  pg. 4-With All of Your Passion
  pg. 5-Kuse and Like the Blue Sky

pg. 6-Warm Spring Morning and Tears I Remember

  pg. 7- To Love
  pg. 8-Tararan

  pg. 9- Destination

  pg. 10- Kuchibiru ne
  pg. 11-Don't Go


  pg. 12- Tegotae no Nai
  Title Theme Artist
1   The Second Chime Opening Theme
Fujishige Masataka
2   Hard Work Day Keiko's Theme Suzuki Masami
3   Humming Otaru's Theme Sakaguchi Daisuke
4   Two-Folk Songs Song Heard In The Darkness Vaughan-Williams
5   With All Your Passion Obari-sensei's Theme Okiayu Ryotarou
6   Geez! Rina's Theme Yokoyama Chisa
7   Like the Blue Sky Anji's Theme Ishikawa Hideo
8   Cello Suite No. 1 Warm Spring Afternoon J.S. Bach
9   Destination Jiro's Theme Hayashi Nobutoshi
10   Kuchibiru ne Staci's Theme Sakai Noriko
11   Tears I Remember Kakeru's Theme Midorikawa Hikaru
12   To Love Nakaijima's Theme Karashima Midori
13   Tararan Aika and Naoki Duet Puffy
14   Mountain Guys Group Song EMU
15   Our Answer Guys Group Song EMU
16   Boy - A to Z Guys Group Song EMU
17   Don't Go Insert Song Tamaki Koji
18   Tegotae No Nai Deen Closing Theme


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