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First off, and most importantly, I must give credit to the one, the only, the coolest Jesus Christ, God the Son. He's the ONLY one who could've given me the patience (and perhaps the talent? I'll let you decide that. ^^;) to write what I write. He's also the one who keeps me genki even in the most dire situations, and only he could give you the peace and joy that nothing else can. If you don't believe me, just e-mail me sometime, and I'll be glad to explain. ^^

My best friend and sister, Stephanie. Thanks for being the tough critic that you are, and never settling for anything less than my best from me. I know we're going through some tough times right now, and I thank you for tolerating me, even when I'm at my nastiest. Also, many thanks for designing Rina, Naoki, Aika, and Staci for me! You're so talented! Thanks, Pepper!

Rii-san, for being such an eccentric (it's a good thing, I promise!) reader, and for doing those drawings! They're fantastic, and a day doesn't pass when I don't look at them and squeal! ^^ I look forward to more fanart, and your feedback on the next chapter!

Rachel (Rb-san), for being such a fantastic bud, and letting me beta-read all of your stories! You're the most fantastic writer, and I just ooooggle at your stories! Thanks again for interviewing me, and being such an honest person! (And for calling me "Sempai"! That's the coolest!)     

I also want to thank everyone who comes to visit this site, and everyone who reads my story! Thanks for taking the time to read my work! ^^

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