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Amuro Keiko has no idea how she was convinced to dress up in her brother's uniform and sneak into the prestigious Unicorn Academy for boys. Sure, she has a passion for solving mysteries (Even if she is rotten at being sneaky...), but will she be able to survive a week without her contacts and concealer?! How will she ever survive a full school year?!

That's the least of her worries...things begin to get a little too tightly woven when the new headmaster unveils a plan to finally defeat their rival school, The Phoenix School for Girls! (Where all of Keiko's friends attend.) Will Keiko be able to move around freely in the school with the gung-ho students thriving for "championship"?! And what happens when the Phoenix School's student council president hears of Keiko's risky plan? How will Keiko be able to escape the showers with a gang of bullies chasing after a helpless student?!

The Unicorn Academy is a romantic shoujo story with a lot of laughs, a few fist fights, and stuff that just makes you go "aww...". ^^ I hope you enjoy my second series! ^^
Yeah, I know this intro is really lame...hey, if one of you readers would like to give it a shot, I'd love to know how I could improve this intro!--Mippa

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