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Unlike my previous anime series "Ageis", which was OVA in style, this series will be a full-length TV series. (If I can write that many episodes!)

These episodes are all pretty equal in length...ranging from seven to twelve pages in length. (Much shorter than Ageis, deshou? ^^)Author Note: Boy, has that changed! Now they range from seven to thirty pages in length! Episode twelve was much longer than expected! Sorry! ^^;

Welpers, that's all I have to say! Be sure to read these in order, and if you like this series, by all means, give me feedback! I started writing a second season for Ageis, I'll gladly do a second season for TUA if it's popular enough!

Episode One: "Talk Like a Lady! Kei-kun's Sudden Conversion!"
Episode Two: "Innocent Bystanders! Kei-kun's Suspicions"
Episode Three: "One-Two Punch! Kei-kun's Fight?!"
Episode Four: "Who's That Guy?! Kei-kun's Admirer!"
Episode Five: "Game, Set, Match! Kei-kun's (Long Awaited!) Discovery!"
Episode Six:

 "Far Too Close Encounters! Obari's Prize Student, Shiranui Kakeru"
Episode Seven:

"I Survived My First Week! Kei-kun's First Day of Work!"
Episode Eight:

"Instability: Things're Shaking Up!"
Episode Nine:

"Being a Girl Again: Rina-san to the Rescue"
Episode Ten:

 "He's a Player! Secret Relationships!"
Episode Eleven:

"Suspension?! Mai Takes Charge!"
Episode Twelve:

"Endless Song ~ Kakeru's Family, Otaru's Devotion, My Feelings, and..."
Episode Thirteen:

"Song of an Ending Era~What's Really Between Those Two?"
Episode Fourteen:

"Stand Up! Class is Back in Session!"

Episode Fifteen:

"Binding Promises!
Otaru's Beloved Setsuko"

Episode Sixteen:

Exciting Chapter!
Mippa Forgot to Name Me =P

Episode Seventeen:

"Jiro's Snitch!
Who Rats Keiko Out?!"

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